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What I feel deserves a fave. All these works are awesome, check them out and the galleries of those who draw them!


Kurtz <3

Good with his fingers!


Tipoh - I ship it! Home Stamp: Just a Moment by TMNT-Raph-fan

Are you travelling this year? 

12 deviants said Nope
11 deviants said Yes, abroad
11 deviants said Yes, within my country
5 deviants said Already have!

Recent Fanartz of AWESOME!

Giftart and other pictures people have drawn of my characters

Zephirak by bestiaexmachina :bulletpurple: Ill Fucking Eat You - Bloody version by DarkRainbow-Bones

Let's Make Rainbow Accessories by Serge-Stiles :bulletgreen: Silvolf Commission- Midnyte by soulwithin465

ACEO Silvolf by soulwithin465 :bulletpurple: Minisilvolf by Duzloo

AvistA by Magweno :bulletgreen: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy by kubo

Silvolf commission - Crossfyr by soulwithin465 :bulletpurple: Commission:  Kurtz n' Razz by zillabean

AvistA by Soulwithin465

Find me on Flight Rising!

My Stamps

Some of the fan stamps of my characters and others that I have made. Feel free to use!

-Are You A Silvolf Fan?- by Silvolf :bulletwhite: -Silvolf's Paw Fan Stamp- by Silvolf :bulletwhite: -Riktus Fan Stamp- by Silvolf

-AvistA Fan Stamp- by Silvolf :bulletwhite: -Rude Dog Fan Stamp- by Silvolf :bulletwhite: -Aibo Love stamp- by Silvolf

I support 2D animation stamp by Silvolf :bulletwhite: -Zorak Fan Stamp- by Silvolf :bulletwhite: -Crocs Mascot Hate Stamp- by Silvolf

-Paul Fan Stamp- by Silvolf :bulletwhite: -Kurtz Fan Stamp- by Silvolf :bulletwhite: -Borris Fan Stamp- by Borris-kitty



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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. When I was very small, I used to draw lots of dogs. Mostly Dachshunds with outragiously long bodies. When I got older, Dad showed me the delights of the pause button on the VCR and I could pause cartoons and draw scenes from them and characters. This began my journey as a cartoonist.
Since then I've become adept at a variety of artistic media including coloured pencils, acrylics, pastels, graphite pencils, t-shirt painting, needle felting, polymer clay sculptures and digital art. I've done storyboards for a short film, animations, some voice acting in various projects, graphics of bands for a local music bar and I have a diploma in animal portraits and scenary. I also make jewellery from silver, gold and gemstones.

:bulletwhite: likes to be called either Silvolf or Silv around the net (as opposed to her real name)
:bulletpurple: loves cheese
:bulletwhite: Travels a lot
:bulletpurple: has been mistaken for a guy
:bulletwhite: looks younger than she is
:bulletpurple: plays guitar
:bulletwhite: believes in aliens and ghosts
:bulletpurple: works with shoes
:bulletwhite: is ambidextrous
:bulletpurple: wears glasses for long distance
:bulletwhite: loves Pocky, candycorn and FUNNEL CAKE
:bulletpurple: loses herself in the music on her iPod
:bulletwhite: finds a lot of villains hot
:bulletpurple: is a good friend if you earn her trust
:bulletwhite: has met Bill Bailey and declares him awesome
:bulletpurple: loves metal and 80s music
:bulletwhite: has a dirty sense of humour
:bulletpurple: loves her Aibos
:bulletwhite: has written a fantasy novel you can buy here
:bulletpurple: loves her characters
:bulletwhite: is dangerous when crossed
:bulletpurple: gets sleepy on energy drinks
:bulletwhite: hates seagulls with a burning firey passion
:bulletpurple: Loves things with long bodies and short legs
:bulletwhite: Hates when people get "then" and "than" mixed up
:bulletpurple: Wants to live in America
:bulletwhite: is hiding under your bed

What medium do you use for your traditional artwork?
I use mostly Crayola coloured pencils because they are what I can afford and have good leads. I also use Prismacolors too.
Stamp: Colored pencils by ibis-died
What programs do you do digital artwork in?
Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro 7.
Stamp - Photoshop by MauserGirl Love My Paint Shop Pro Stamp by Mirz123
How do you colour your work?
Like this…
Can you show me how to draw paws?
Will you draw me something?
No. Not unless you commission me anyway.
No Requests by SweetDuke
Will you trade with me?
I'm usually too busy for trades or I'm the one doing the asking. I tend to do them when I feel like it or if the character is an interesting one I feel inspired to draw.
DA Stamp - Art Trades 009 by tppgraphics
Are you open for commissions?
I'm ALWAYS open for commissions since I always need the money. So feel free to commission me whenever you like.… My commission info is there.
Open for Commissions by tRiBaLmArKiNgS No Point Commissions by SweetDuke
Do you RP?
No. I used to but I lost interest in it.
Can I make a character of one of your original species?
I made a species especially for this; the Demivark. Feel free to make some Demivarks of your own!…

Please do not repost my artwork without my permission first. Always give me credit and a link back to my site or my deviantART page if I allow you to use it.
Do not edit, trace or copy my artwork for your own images. There is plenty of free for use art and images around the net you can use for this purpose. My art is NOT free for use.

My birthday

Journal Entry: Thu May 21, 2015, 2:44 PM
  • Mood: Spidey Sense
  • Listening to: Eurovision
  • Reading: The True Meaning of Smek Day
  • Watching: Father of the Pride
  • Playing: Pokémon Shuffle
  • Eating: Yogurt
  • Drinking: Soda

Firstly I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone who wished me happy birthday, bought or drew me a gift! I had so many nice wishes not only from friends and watchers but also from others as well and I value them all, so thank you!
I had a great birthday surrounded by my friends both online and off and it was awesome, so much good feeling! I really feel loved :aww: I didn't do much on the actual day but the sunday my boyfriend and I went for a walk in the forest and down to the little river cafe. On the monday he took me to the capital city of my county and we went shopping. The weather stayed nice all day and only rained on the train on the way back. We wore our kickass steam punk jackets and got lots of positive comments on them. Most people were surprised to discover we got them off Amazon :D I've customised mine since both jackets are the same. Mine has spikes on the shoulders and an embroidered patch of a skull and flames on the back that I sewed on.

Clearing out stuff from the house to get it ready to go up for sale is going smoothly. My only worry is that it will take longer to do the repairs. We won't get it up on the market till next year :( I want to move now!! I'm excited :D I've never moved before and I can't wait to look at new houses! Still, we want to get as much as we can for the house we're in and it will only get that way if we fix up what needs to be done. The house is a money pit but I'm finally seeing a way out from the things in this area that stress me so much. There are only positives to us moving, no negatives that are of any great matter. It will be good for all of us.

Mum and I are going to Spain for a week in September. She wanted to go on vacation this year so I get to travel again! It's cheaper with two and it's nicer as well. So we booked that today. I've not been to Spain before so it will be a new experience. I've found that I have no real preference on travel destinations. If it's a nice place I haven't been to then I must go there and check it out :D I don't pass up the opportunity to travel and broaden my experience of the world. Places I'd like to visit are Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada and Austria. And of course back to the USA again. I miss it often.

In art news I've been commissioned by a band to do another picture for the local music bar. They liked my other pictures in the windows so much that they wanted to be included! They are a local band and I'm trying to work to a deadline with drawing them so it will be ready for their next gig. Drawing different people is good for me and gets me out of my comfort zone with human art. All commission money is going in the tin to help with our move. I have about £50 at the moment.

I kinda like being busy and I have much to look forward to :D

~Silvolf signing off!

Sexy Zs from Space!! :D (It's a thing between me and my friend Kel in case you wondered)

Works in progress:
Silvolf Lisa Frank style :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Larval in Hard City :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Deazel Doodles :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
MOAR R*P :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:

:star: Tarot Deck Progress = 22/78 :star:

Silvolf's Policies on...
Commissions: ALWAYS
Trades: Depends on how busy I am
RequestsNever, unless we're close friends on here and I'm feeling generous
Contests: I don't enter contests anymore so please don't ask
Gift Art: ALWAYS welcome ^_^
Refs for my characters are here.

:star:My Portfolio:star:

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~Rest in peace my love, you will always live on in my heart through all the wonderful memories I have of our times together~
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:bulletblue: -Baileyite Stamp- by Silvolf :bulletblue:

Silvolf Pit Bull by Evil Doom Kitty, support Pit Bulls and get your own custom one at her gallery!

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